Blizzard of 05-06 February, 2010: I Did What I Could...

Maryland hasn’t experienced many nor’easters this severe. On January 27-28, 1772 a nor’easter dropped
36 inches of snow in the area. This storm is called the “Washington and Jefferson Snow Storm” because
both men recorded it in their diaries. The previous worst blizzard in modern Maryland history was that of
February, 2003.
The snow blower worked back then.
As of Saturday evening, 6 February, we are unable to get more than five feet or so from the house. The
front door and the deck doors are blocked, the snow is too deep outside the garage (first photo), so our
only exit is through the basement into the back yard. But the snow has blown into five-foot drifts
in much of the back yard, and that’s not an optimal exit, either.

County schools will be closed for a week because there simply isn’t enough snow
removal equipment available to clear all of the roads and parking lots necessary to move students
and teachers.

The snow blower has a carburetor problem and I can’t keep it running for more
than a few minutes at a time, so I gave up on it and took a nap. Our
man will clear the driveway tomorrow and we will try to dig one car out and be
satisfied with that until we can find someone with a front-loader to clear more snow.


That's an electric heater in the bird bath. It keeps the water just above freezing.This bird bath is
more than 36" tall. I see that the screens are either gone or torn on our formerly screened porch.
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode, where we learn if the deck will collapse under
the weight of the of heaviest snow fall ever recorded in Eastern Maryland. This photo was taken
from the basement door, under the deck.


A view of the back yard by Leona, who bravely trampled a path outside the basement door for Daisy to use
when she goes out for her necessaries.


Leona’s portrait of my car.


And Leona’s car.


And the Zerbat’ry.

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