Who is “Daoud?”

“Daoud,” pronounced da-ood, is Arabic for “David.”


English words that come from Arabic:

algebra, algorithm, almanac, assassin, Betelgeuse (one of many star names that come from Arabic), cipher, divan, gauze, genie, ghoul, guitar, hashish, lute, magazine, paradise, safari, Salem (place name), Satan, sheriff.



In Hebrew it is pronounced da-veed.
There are hundreds of first names that come from Hebrew.
They include Abraham, Daniel, Deborah, Elizabeth, Jacob, John (derived from Jacob), Joshua (which was Jesus’ name--“Jesus” being the Greek version), Mary, Michael, Nathan, Rachel, Rebecca, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah, Sharon, Simon, and Susanna (via Greek),



This is David in Welsh. Saint David (Dewi Sant) is the patron Saint of Wales.



Other variations on David include “Daffydd,” “Daibhead,” “Daibhi,” “Davis,” “Davoud,” “Dawes,” “Dawson (Davidson),” “Dewi,” and “Dovid.”

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