The First Universal Monopoly

We put the Dawts in the Coms!

We at Dawts for Coms are mighty proud to have been selected as the sole supplier of dawts to the InterGalacticNet. This has meant working with sentient beings everywhere to ensure that their special needs are met when it comes to dawts for InterGalacticNet addresses.

Standard dawts are available in every size under every sun.

Antares Red
Mars Orange
Sol Yellow
Nebula Green
Rigel Blue
Nova White

We supply dawts across the entire visible spectrum,
as well as radio, infrared, X-ray, and gamma-ray dawts.

For the most advanced civilizations, our new Quantum Dawt.
It’s everywhere, all at the same time!

Consumer Safety Notice: Dawts for •Coms deeply regrets the loss of 4X1723 sentient beings in the galaxy Rho 2 Delta 2. To protect your galaxy from matter-antimatter annihilation, no Anti-Matter Dawts will be shown on this page. They remain available on special order. Containment extra.

Dawts for •Coms’ products are Y1017- ready on Epsilon Eridani Prime.

Available Now at Solar Systems Everywhere!*

* Availability on Delta Camelopardalis pending invention of radio there.

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