Blizzard of 05-06 February, 2010: Digging Out

This just in: The Baltimore Sun reports that we are likely
to have another blizzard late on Tuesday, February 9, with
an additional 20" of snow.

A Good Neighbor Like Joe Butler: Priceless.
A Good Neighbor Like Joe Butler Who Will
Lend You a Powerful Snow Blower: Beyond Priceless.
Monday, February 8, 2010
The snow-plow-man cometh. Joe lends me a snow blower that has
roughly the same horsepower as an aircraft carrier.

The Prius is under this pile of snow. The stakes mark the front bumper so that the plow does not hit it.


And this is the Avalon


Don McKean—Our Rescuer!


The bottom of the driveway before Mr. McKean finished plowing.


After Mr. McKean finished, Joe “The Angel of Mercy” Butler brought his snow blower for me to use.
Joe’s snow blower has the same horsepower as an aircraft carrier. I did not have to choose where to remove
snow; I just followed where the snow blower pulled me. Lucky I didn’t blow the house away in tiny chunks.


Even after the plowing, I had a lot of snow to move.


When I freed the Prius I moved it up the driveway, out of the way.


At last!


In position for the next blizzard, which we expect in about 24 hours. The Baltimore Sun says we could get 20 more inches.


Having snow and ice crystals thrown into my face at high velocity is my favorite part of using a snow blower.


The Zerbat’ry, by the way, is closed until further notice. (But see “End of Story??"

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