This is Daisy, our retired racing greyhound. Daisy came to us on March 31, 2001, from the Plainfield Greyhound Park, a track located in Plainfield, Connecticut. Her professional name was “Landstacker!” We have renamed her Daisy Landstacker, or “Daisy” for short.In the photo above Daisy is getting a sponge bath; thus the appearance of her fur. Daisy retired due to an injury to her left forepaw and was due to be destroyed. It was through the kind assistance of John and Denise Davis of Greyhound Rescue that we were able to adopt Daisy. Daisy was born in October, 1998. She has been spayed.

Daisy is our second retired racing greyhound. Our first was our dear Bluebell.

Below: Daisy Sitting Down. This was worth a picture because Greyhounds don’t often sit like other breeds; their hip muscles are too big to allow them to sit comfortably.

Racing at Plainfield, May, 2001

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