Blizzard of 10 February, 2010


Try to keep up, please. This is not the blizzard of 05-06 February. That's the old blizzard.
This is the new blizzard of 10 February that is dropping 20 or more inches of new snow (the National
Weather Service says up to 30 inches) on top of the nearly three feet of snow that fell in the old blizzard.
We began to clean up from the old blizzard on Monday, 08 February. That work has been entirely undone
by the new blizzard and we must begin the cleanup again, possibly tomorrow, Thursday, 11 February,
but more likely on Friday, 12 February. These dates and snowfall amounts will be on the test. Confusing
the new blizzard with the old blizzard will pretty much guarantee you a failing grade on the test.

Study the examples below. The top photo shows the Prius before cleanup on Monday, February 8. The second photo
shows the Prius after hours of shoveling and using a snow blower on February 8. The third photo shows the Prius
as it looked this afternoon, in the midst of the new blizzard.

The Prius on Monday morning (old blizzard).


The Prius on Monday afternoon (old blizzard).


The Prius and the zerbat’ry (closed until further notice) on Wednesday afternoon (new blizzard).


The Prius and the shed on Wednesday, 10 February (new blizzard).


We try not to look at or think about the deck, which we are calling Moby Deck (new blizzard on top of (old blizzard).

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