Pop Pop and the Possum - 82nd Birthday

Grandma, Pop Pop, & the Card

Ready to Blow Out the Candle

A few days after the birthday party Pop Pop gave a gift to Uncle David. It was a possum in a trap. It was a rare talking possum, and the first thing he said to Uncle David was “Please don’t hurt me.” So Uncle David gave Mr. Possum some bread and peanut butter and took him to a new home near a stream in the woods. When Uncle David released Mr. Possum, instead of running away, Mr. Possum turned to Uncle David and said “It’s so damp and muddy here. Won’t you take me home to live with you?” Uncle David explained to Mr. Possum how he would be much happier living with his possum friends. Mr. Possum accepted more peanut butter, then he ambled off to find some new possum friends.

Gift Book

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